What’s Secure Today, may not be Secure Tomorrow. Driving a security-first mindset for OEMs.

Security First Mindset

As an OEM, how are you ensuring that your devices are secure? Read our latest white paper for establishing a security-first protocol.

In volatile embedded environments where security threats are constant, how are you ensuring a security-first mindset?

According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, supply chains were attacked every month in 2017, compared to an attack every four months in 2015. With the amount of cyber-threats constantly increasing; equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to secure their devices and systems, but don’t necessarily understand how to maintain protection for the long-term.

By embracing security implementations and proactive risk management, OEMs can prevail in many ways – protecting systems, distinguishing their services, and driving new opportunities to create long-term profit centers from security services.

Click HERE to view our white paper about the Security-First Mindset for OEMs.

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