Dedicated Computing Services

Global OEMs choose Dedicated Computing because of our market expertise and value-added services:

Customers of Dedicated Computing benefit from our decades of experience with engineering, validation, and system design for many of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers. These services are included as part of our global process for enabling our customer’s success.

Engineering & Design: Dedicated Computing provides engineering and design resources to all our customers regardless of where they are within their product lifecycle.

Prototyping: We understand the importance of acquiring the right prototype at the right time in your product development process.

Hardware & Software Integration: Our team of experts retain a deep knowledge base of each customer’s technology requirements to assist with component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support of their embedded systems.

Certification Qualification: Certification and regulatory compliance is a critical step for large equipment manufacturers. Our team of quality and regulatory experts not only research the proper certifications but obtain the certifications on behalf of our customers worldwide.

Lifecycle Management: A dedicated team of product experts provide our customers the day-to-day attention they deserve for risk mitigation and market availability for component selection, price, and product delivery.


DC Assist®

System Support Services from Dedicated Computing

Customers of Dedicated Computing seeking on-going product support, can leverage the DC Service Center for multiple services to help extend the life of their DC systems.

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Dedicated Computing provides access to engineering resources as part of our Product Management and Customer Engagement process. To request a meeting, click the Contact Us button below.

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