Our value as a trusted partner sits at the intersection of our technologies and the needs of customers.  The combination of our embedded hardware, software, and services provide OEMs a full solution which powers their application and ultimately their instrument or device to perform at the highest possible level.

Value-add Services Include:

Engineering & Design: As a market leading ODM of embedded systems, Dedicated Computing provides engineering and design resources to all our customers regardless of where they are within their product lifecycle.

Rapid Prototyping: We understand the importance and significance of acquiring the right prototype at the right time in your product development process.

Hardware & Software Integration: Many OEMs require specific component integration and configuration to meet the unique requirements of their product’s application. Our services enable a deep knowledge base of each customer’s technology requirements to assist with component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support of their embedded systems.

Certification Qualification: Certification and regulatory compliance is a critical step for our customers. If time to market is important to your company, allow Dedicated Computing to assist by obtaining the qualified certs needed to help accelerate your timeline.

Lifecycle Management: A dedicated team of supply chain experts, sourcing managers, account teams, and customer service representatives provide our customers the day-to-day attention they deserve for risk mitigation and market availability for component selection, price, and product delivery.


Why Global OEMs Choose Dedicated Computing:

Dedicated Computing follows an approach that enables us to function as a trusted business partner for many of the world’s leading OEMs.
• Stay informed of industry trends and changing needs within our focused vertical markets
• Engineering expertise to solve deep, complex technical issues
• Follow and manage rigorous quality standards
• Consult and collaboratively design with our customers, engineer-to-engineer

DC Assist®

Introducing DCMON® and DCODE®

Dedicated Computing has launched two new services to help customers with long-term support, preventative maintenance, and lifecycle optimization. DC Assist provides OEM customers a new level of support with DC Online Diagnostics Environment (DCODE) and DC Monitor Adaptor (DCMON).

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Connect Engineer-to-Engineer

Dedicated Computing provides access to engineering resources as part of our Product Management and Customer Engagement process. To request a meeting, click the Contact Us button below.

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