Powering the Training & Simulation Equipment Pilots Depend On.

Nvidia Elite PartnerIntel

We partner with the world’s leading tech companies to help solve our customer’s toughest challenges.

Training & Simulation



Powering realistic motion systems and high-fidelity graphics for the world’s leading training and simulation equipment manufacturers.

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Mobile Classeroom


Mobile classeroom

Providing on-location fleet training at the speed of modern warfare. DC designed a reduced footprint mobile workstation for this On-Demand Training center, bringing essential fleet training to the waterfront and beyond.

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Experts in Training & Simulation Technologies

DC’s market expertise is based on decades of experience in delivering high-end graphics image generators in a variety of form factors, from portable to complete rack-integration. We are a strategic supplier for several of the leading training & simulation original equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

Purpose BuiltPurpose Built

Dedicated Computing provides purpose-built and validated systems for both regulated and unregulated markets.


Our comprehensive embedded systems are designed to deliver the performance, reliability, and seamless integration global OEMs require.

Industry KnowledgeIndustry Knowledge

Powerful 1U, 2U, and 4U rack servers, along with transportable systems are powering the next era of visual-based computing.

Rack Integration Services


In addition to the design and engineering of DC Platforms, Dedicated Computing provides extensive rack integration and testing services:

• Configure to Order
• Sourcing & Procurement
• Assembly
• Test & Configure
• Logistics


Why Quality Matters


Our customers build devices that save lives or train people to save lives. Dedicated Computing’s platforms and services are at the core of those devices, powering complex calculation engines which drive mission-critical performance expectations. We never lose sight that there is a person with a life and a story at the other end of the equipment our computers are powering.



Strategic relationships with the world’s leading T&S OEMs

Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain, and Global Field Services

Product Design, Engineering, and Solution Architecture

Our embedded systems enable fast and easy deployment by providing integrated hardware, software, and services. Dedicated also ships directly to your end site, ready for commissioning, with software loaded and manufacture acceptance testing completed.

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Our value-added services enable a deep knowledge base of each customer’s technology requirements. This intimate knowledge is at the core of our partnerships, allowing our team of experts to assist with securing the supply chain, component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support of our customer’s embedded systems.

Proactive System Lifecycle Management

Helping our customers forecast for Next Generation Products.

Strong Supplier Relationships

Decades of supplier relationships which enable direct advantages for components and supply chain access.

Embedded OS Transitions

DC works with customers for developing and managing complete, top-to-bottom solutions which support their entire technology stack.

Customer Portal for Product & Asset Tracking

Continuous account management for system tracking, online portal, and system monitoring.

Component End of Life Management

Supporting customers through EOL transitions, component obsolescence, driving time to revenue and TCO management.

DC Digital Services™

While DC systems are placed into production environments around the world, they are supported with Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring, and 24/7 Support Services.