Powering the Instruments for Addressing a Pandemic.




A leading genomics company needed a computational platform designed for processing massive amounts of sequencing data accurately, rapidly, and cost effectively.

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Dedicated Computing Partners with Global Genomics Companies for Increasing Speed and Performance of DNA Sequencing Devices.

Commercially available systems were insufficient and created roadblocks for easily evaluating systems in the field. Dedicated Computing provided engineering expertise, pinpointing, and resolving issues by integrating the client’s technology directly onto the platform.

Dedicated Computing’s industry insight enabled early access to advanced technology from genomic technology partners such as Intel.

Flexible high performance storage options optimized the storage sub-system for a range of performance and cost considerations

Workloads were accelerated with fewer servers and hardware resources

Customized software stack met application needs, including a monitoring agent for proactive system management and maximum uptime

Scalable remote DC Service Center handles end-user requests on demand, removing tier one support from client resources

Mass Cytometry



DC provides compute solution for devices that are increasing the pace of therapy development for the COVID19 pandemic.

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Why Quality Matters


Our customers build devices that save lives or train people to save lives. Dedicated Computing’s platforms and services are at the core of those devices, powering complex calculation engines which drive mission-critical performance expectations. We never lose sight that there is a person with a life and a story at the other end of the equipment our computers are powering.


Powering Analysis and Discovery to Unlock the Human Genome

Dedicated Computing is a strategic supplier for many of the leading life sciences original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) driving innovative, life-changing discoveries with their products and solutions. These highly innovative companies rely on us to deliver the embedded systems and services needed to power their advanced and groundbreaking applications.

Global OEMs choose Dedicated Computing:

Computing power and performance. We provide embedded systems with state-of-the-art processing and the ability to add storage to meet the demands of higher data acquisition rates, reducing sequencing runtimes.

Speed to market. By taking advantage of engineering expertise and partner technology, we can dramatically improve your time to market.

Improving system uptime. Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.

The exponential growth in this industry is generating massive amounts of data that need to be analyzed, interpreted, and stored. With our focus on the genome sequencing market, we can provide a solution that meets any level of need for computing power.


Our value-added services enable a deep knowledge base of each customer’s technology requirements. This intimate knowledge is at the core of our partnerships, allowing our team of experts to assist with securing the supply chain, component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support of our customer’s embedded systems.

Proactive System Lifecycle Management

Helping our customers forecast for Next Generation Products.

Strong Supplier Relationships

Decades of supplier relationships which enable direct advantages for components and supply chain access.

Embedded OS Transitions

DC works with customers for developing and managing complete, top-to-bottom solutions which support their entire technology stack.

Customer Portal for Product & Asset Tracking

Continuous account management for system tracking, online portal, and system monitoring.

Component End of Life Management

Supporting customers through EOL transitions, component obsolescence, driving time to revenue and TCO management.

DC Digital Services™

While DC systems are placed into production environments around the world, they are supported with Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring, and 24/7 Support Services.