Life Sciences

Powering Analysis and Discovery to Unlock the Human Genome

Dedicated Computing is a strategic supplier for many of the leading life sciences original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) driving innovative, life-changing discoveries with their products and solutions. These highly innovative companies rely on us to deliver the embedded systems and services needed to power their advanced and groundbreaking applications.

Global OEMs choose Dedicated Computing:

  • Computing power and performance. We provide embedded systems with state-of-the-art processing and the ability to add storage to meet the demands of higher data acquisition rates, reducing sequencing runtimes.
  • Speed to market. By taking advantage of engineering expertise and partner technology, we can dramatically improve your time to market.
  • Improving system uptime. Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.

The exponential growth in this industry is generating massive amounts of data that need to be analyzed, interpreted, and stored. With our focus on the genome sequencing market, we can provide a solution that meets any level of need for computing power.

Tapping Into Big Data in a Single Day

Faster data analysis creates meaningful results in precision medicine.

Data drives healthcare, and care improves when accurate, timely information is shared effectively. That is essentially the guiding principle of genomics, which creates highly personalized treatment plans based on an individual’s genetic makeup. Fast data analysis is making a difference, with technology at the heart of ambitious goals like improving outcomes and reducing the long-term cost of care for a worldwide population.

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