Dedicated Computing Leadership

Phil Spivey

Chief Executive Officer

30 years of industry experience including founder of Hughes industrial, President and CEO of OcularLCD Inc, and multiple roles at Motorola Embedded Communications (ECC)

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Jane Menheer

EVP and Chief Financial Officer

30 years of financial and operations experience

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David Gervasio

VP Operations and Services

25 years of operations and supply chain experience

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Richard Ross

VP of Technology and Product Development

30 years of engineering & product development experience

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Jeff Durst

Senior Product Manager – Industrial

30 years of engineering & product management experience

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Jill Fedor

Director of Quality and Sustaining Engineering

25 years of quality engineering and project management experience

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Tim Jandt

Senior Regulatory Engineer

30 years of certification testing and validation experience

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Jeff Saueressig

Senior Product Manager – Healthcare

30 years of product management and solution architecture experience

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