Powering Automation and Data Exchange for Industry 4.0.


Strategy, design, manufacturing, and services supporting the world's leading industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Dedicated Computing provides embedded systems with state of the art processing and the ability to be engineered and ruggedized for a wide variety of manufacturing environments.


By taking advantage of DC design and engineering expertise, we can dramatically improve customer’s time to market.


Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.

USE CASE THE DEDICATED DIFFERENCE CLOSE MARKET: INDUSTRIAL SEGMENT: ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING APPLICATION: PROCESS MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER'S CHALLENGES: Higher productivity with ever-increasing cycle ratesMaximum availability with minimum life cycle costsOptimum product quality CONTROL PROCESSING Whether your production machinery requires complex, fast and precise movements, or just simple positioning, DC delivers the right system to handle the machine or motion control programming for your application. CORE TECHNOLOGIES Dedicated Computing provides control processing systems that support a wide I/O profile – with interfaces to CAN, serial, USB, Ethernet, IEEE 1394 and more. DISPLAY SYSTEMS DC provides a deep level of market expertise for manufactuer's requiring visual system displays and monitors:• Commercial Monitors - Touch & Non-Touch• Custom & ODM Monitors• Embedded Displays - LCD Panels, LCD + Touch, Open Frame Solutions• Panel PCs• All-in-Ones DEDICATED DIFFERENCE A complete solution from a single supplier for compute performance, display systems, storage, and lifecycle expertise.Our diverse line-up of DC Platforms and performance options can support a range of applications – ultra-compact applications that require control and visualization to run on a single hardware platform, to complex, distributed applications that require the synchronous, deterministic operation of multiple platforms. HOVER OVER EACH ICON TO LEARN MORE STARTHERE
Ai-Enabled Expert Systems



Computing solutions used within industrial manufacturing equipment and process data management to inspect for quality and safety of consumables and goods used throughout the world.

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Scalable Storage Systems



Scalable storage systems to house on premise data lake including product images and process data 24x7x365.

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Vision & Control Systems



Vision and control systems to verify product safety and quality inspection rejecting or sorting decision real-time on production line in ~40mS

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Why Quality Matters


Our customers manufacture equipment that is used to inspect for quality and safety of consumables we use every day. DC Platforms™ and services are at the core of this equipment, powering complex calculation engines which drive mission-critical performance expectations. We never lose sight that there is a person with a life and a story at the other end of the equipment our computers are powering.


Our value-added services enable a deep knowledge base of each customer’s technology requirements. This intimate knowledge is at the core of our partnerships, allowing our team of experts to assist with securing the supply chain, component obsolescence, TCO, system efficiency, performance, and on-going support of our customer’s embedded systems.

Proactive System Lifecycle Management

Helping our customers forecast for Next Generation Products.

Strong Supplier Relationships

Decades of supplier relationships which enable direct advantages for components and supply chain access.

Embedded OS Transitions

DC works with customers for developing and managing complete, top-to-bottom solutions which support their entire technology stack.

Customer Portal for Product & Asset Tracking

Continuous account management for system tracking, online portal, and system monitoring.

Component End of Life Management

Supporting customers through EOL transitions, component obsolescence, driving time to revenue and TCO management.

DC Digital Services™

While DC systems are placed into production environments around the world, they are supported with Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring, and 24/7 Support Services.