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Ultimate Scene Generation Performance and Reliability in a Small Form Factor

Aura Side FrontThe world of professional visualization is evolving rapidly. Advanced requirements like real-time ray tracing, AI, engineering simulation, and immersive VR are common across industries, while millions of professionals have shifted to working from home.

Take your training simulation scene generation to point of use in a quiet, lightweight, small form factor PC with the latest Intel® Xeon™ server processor technology and a high-end, double-width, full-length NVIDIA® GPU! NVIDIA Quadro® cards deliver the performance required for a great VR experience. With larger on-board memory than consumer graphics alternatives, Quadro is the essential GPU for professional VR applications.

Aura provides the power and portability users demand for their immersive, virtual experiences.

Aura allows the flexibility of integrating the latest high-performance NVIDIA GPU to produce the lowest latency and highest performance available for your application. This Intel® Xeon™ E processor platform delivers server-class performance with the built-in security features and reliability that professionals demand, combining memory access and error correcting stability with commercial gamer-class performance and value.


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Aura White Paper

Small form factor systems scale down infrastructure while advancing AR/VR at the point-of-use

The shift to small form factor systems has the potential to reshape the modern training and simulation landscape. Flexible, portable systems are bringing high performance to the point-of-need – making a difference in convenience, cost, accessibility and results.

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