Markets We Serve

Dedicated Computing is an original design manufacturer of proprietary, embedded computing systems for OEM customers in the following markets:

  • Healthcare – Surgery & Treatment, Diagnostics & Imaging, and Patient Monitoring & Treatment segments.
  • Life Sciences – Genome Sequencing, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics segments.
  • Training & Simulation – Military and Commercial Flight, Ground & Marine, and Medical simulation segments.
  • Industrial – Food/Beverage, Pharma/Nutraceutical, and Water/Wastewater processing segments.

The Dedicated Difference

Dedicated Computing focuses on high growth applications within select vertical markets. Our customers have applications that are computationally intense, have large data sets, massive storage or I/O requirements, or intensive graphical imaging needs.

Global OEMs choose Dedicated Computing because the solutions we provide solve critical business issues, such as:

  • Longer Lifecycle – We synchronize component lifecycles to the customer’s product development schedule and manage obsolescence.
  • Global Regulatory Requirements – We design and obtain regulatory certifications for our customers and their applications to meet global requirements.
  • Data Security – We enable secure connectivity for transferring data to the cloud.
  • System Performance and Uptime – Our systems are engineered for reliability and proactive monitoring.
  • Connectivity – We provide secure, Industrial IoT enabled platforms.
  • Time to Market – Our application-ready systems are tailored to accelerate customer innovation.
  • Supply Chain Complexity – We support vendor consolidation initiatives.
  • High Service Requirements – We provide 24×7 support and extended services options.