Medical Training & Simulation

What is medical simulation? Or, more broadly known as healthcare simulation, has four main purposes – education, assessment, research, and health system integration. The rapid advancement of computer science, bioengineering, and design have helped provide safer, more effective, and efficient training to healthcare professionals.

Dedicated Computing’s platforms address these key industry challenges for medical simulation software companies.

  • Improve Performance. Dedicated Computing has years of experience delivering systems that meet the graphical needs of the training and simulation market. Our systems are reliable and give you the computational power needed to keep latency at zero.
  • Regulations and Certifications. We proactively research and obtain the proper certifications needed to deploy your products worldwide.
  • Improve System Uptime. Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.
  • Extend Global Reach. With expertise in regulation and shipping requirements worldwide, Dedicated Computing can make expanding into other markets easier. We manage updates and new requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

Increasing healthcare costs and rising demand for minimally invasive treatments are driving demand for medical simulation. Full-scale simulation centers are providing training programs to improve the learning and retention of medical professionals. These consolidated simulation centers will require solutions that demand high-uptime and technological advancements to improve the safety and efficacy of patient care delivery.

Trends influencing the medical procedures training & simulation market include:

  • Strong growth in training and simulation applications in global markets
  • Human factors testing to improve the reliability and safety of medical devices
  • Increase in mixed reality and haptic feedback technology
  • Use of high fidelity sensing and tracking to enable task performance feedback
  • Increase in procedure simulation prior to an actual procedure

Transforming T&S with Smart Image Management, Windows 10, and Customized Backups

The Latest Strategies to Revolutionize Training and Simulation

Training and simulation OEMs must find ways to reduce cost, extend training options to new environments, and increase performance of systems. Mastering image management, security protocols, compliance, and streamlined backups are all essential activities for OEMs to stay competitive in this landscape.

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