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Global OEMs Choose Dedicated Computing:

As a global supplier of industrial PCs, Dedicated Computing designs, develops, tests and manufactures application-specific computing systems for OEMs worldwide.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, the need for rapid product development is quickly increasing. As a trusted industrial PC supplier, the expertise and uniquely tailored services from Dedicated Computing are designed to meet the needs of global OEMs.

As a strategic partner, Dedicated Computing carefully, and systematically analyzes our customer’s application requirements — offering customized solutions based on their unique product and system integration requirements.

Build For Life:

What does Build for Life mean? In the industrial space, OEMs of mission-critical devices have an innate responsibility to solve the world’s most complex computing problems. This level of responsibility needs to carry over to their technology supplier network. Choosing partners who recognize this level of responsibility for quality, longevity, and for understanding the impact to the end-user is critical.

This is why global OEMs choose Dedicated Computing. To read more, Click Here. For additional white papers, visit our Library.

4 Great Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Industrial PC Supplier

A must-read for OEMs when choosing an industrial PC supplier for mission-critical product design.

This white paper outlines key best practices for OEMs to follow when partnering with an industrial PC supplier, including Lifecycle Management, Collaborative Design, and Market Expertise for fully understanding the mission-critical nature of your product.

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Download this Training & Simulation OEM Use Case for Migrating to Windows 10, Smart Image Management and Back-up

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Connect Engineer-to-Engineer

Dedicated Computing provides access to engineering resources as part of our Product Management and Customer Engagement process. To request a meeting, click the Contact Us button below.

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