Use Case: Radiotherapy

USE CASE THE DEDICATED DIFFERENCE HEALTHCARE SURGERY & TREATMENT RADIOTHERAPY IMAGE / DATA MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER'S CHALLENGES: ACCESSIBILITY The embedded nature of the computer in the gantry limited its accessibility. THERMAL The enclosed nature of the application resulted in elevated thermal requirements . RUGGEDIZATION Movement associated with the computer in the gantry required a solution resilient to shock/vibration. 1 2 3 ARCHITECTURE The targeted compute solution, which included integration of a frame grabber card, was designed to quickly capture raw data from a kV Detector on the gantry and send it to a reconstruction server associated with the radiotherapy instrument. CORE TECHNOLOGIES Intel-based desktop technology was paired with advanced NVIDIA GPU technology and packaged into a short-depth custom 2U chassis that was mounted directly onto the gantry of the radiation therapy system. APPLICATION / DATA This application involves an image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system with digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs) to better direct the radiation. The system includes computerized treatment planning capabilities for generating beam shapes and dose distributions. DC VALUE & SOLUTION DC’s extensive healthcare market expertise and deep understanding of the customer’s needs enabled development of a unique short-depth 2U, reverse I/O designed solution that met the environmentally challenging requirements of the customer’s application. DEDICATED DIFFERENCE Our collaborative design process revealed the customer’s most important design requirements. DC’s design and engineering capabilities worked to develop a solution that met all of the customer’s design challenges. Long-term strategic supply chain relationships ensured the solution met the customer’s long l ifecycle requirements. CLOSE HOVER OVER EACH ICON TO LEARN MORE STARTHERE