Healthcare Solutions

Supplying Embedded Systems to Leading Healthcare OEMs

Dedicated Computing’s systems are built on years of experience in the healthcare industry. We are a strategic supplier of embedded systems to many of the leading healthcare original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), providing scalable solutions designed to meet their specific application-specific needs.

Advances in imaging technologies and graphic data management capabilities are allowing medical device manufacturers to develop highly precise and less invasive tools. However, with these advancements come new FDA requirements and regulations.

By partnering with Dedicated Computing, OEMs stay focused on developing and enhancing products, not building and testing embedded hardware.

  • Reduce time to market. Our highly engineered and purpose-built embedded systems are designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Let our engineers focus on optimizing a hardware and software stack that is tailored for your application.
  • Avoid costly validation and verification. We work closely with our customers to reduce the complexity of product lifecycle management – component changes are planned to synchronize with your system updates, not with the IT market.
  • Improve system uptime. Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.


Intel Healthcare Award

Dedicated Solution for BrightMatter™ Neurosurgery Product

Synaptive Medical was looking for a partner that could help get their innovative technology to market faster.

BrightMatter™ Drive, which is part of their BrightMatter™ neurosurgical product family, allows for robotic positioning of an optical component with neurosurgical tools, yielding a more efficient and comfortable experience for the surgeon in the OR when compared to a traditional microscope.

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