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At Dedicated Computing, we provide embedded computing systems to blue chip original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). One of the key markets we serve is the healthcare industry. Our products and services help power devices and systems that medical care providers use to improve and save patient lives. 

What Are Embedded Systems?

Embedded computing systems—also referred to as simply embedded systems—are integrated hardware and software platforms designed to perform a specific function to complete a specific task inside a larger mechanical or electrical system. Due to the speed with which they perform their functions, they are often used in real-time system applications. 


Medical and Healthcare Applications of Embedded Systems

In the healthcare market, embedded systems are found in a variety of devices and systems employed for patient care and treatment. Ours are commonly incorporated into ones for the following applications: 

  • Diagnosis & Imaging: Medical care providers use various diagnostic and imaging tools to identify, evaluate, and track the problems patients have with their health and wellness. Many of these tools feature embedded systems, such as MRI and CT scanners and sonography systems. Our products help manufacturers create medical imaging and diagnostic devices and systems that offer higher accuracy, lower radiation exposure, improved image quality, and reduced processing time.
  • Surgery & Treatment: Image-guided surgical systems enable medical professionals to make incisions that are more precise and less invasive, both of which mean lower risk to the patient. They can be used to treat a variety of disorders, including cardiovascular, cranial, orthopedic, otorhinolaryngological, and spinal ones. Our embedded systems help improve reliability and reduce failure in these devices. 
  • Patient Monitoring & Treatment: Embedded systems are integrated into many patient monitoring and treatment devices and systems. Examples include heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, and blood sugar monitors. Since these tools offer near-instantaneous results, they make it easier for medical professionals and patients themselves to monitor and manage conditions. 


Supplying Embedded Systems to Leading Healthcare OEMs

Dedicated Computing’s medical embedded systems are built on decades of experience in the healthcare industry. We are a strategic supplier of embedded systems to many of the leading healthcare original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and we provide scalable solutions designed to meet their unique application-specific needs.

Advances in imaging technologies and graphic data management capabilities are quickly allowing medical device manufacturers to develop more precise and less invasive tools. However, increasingly stringent FDA requirements and regulations are sure to come with these new advancements. 

medical embedded systems

By partnering with Dedicated Computing, OEMs can stay focused on developing and enhancing their products rather than building and testing embedded hardware. Choose us to:

  • Reduce time to market. Our highly engineered and purpose-built embedded systems are designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Let our engineers focus on optimizing a hardware and software stack that is tailored for your application.
  • Avoid costly validation and verification. We have the market expertise and certification management to work closely with our customers and reduce the complexity of product lifecycle management. All component changes are planned to synchronize with your system updates, not with the IT market.
  • Improve system uptime. Proactive monitoring and management from Dedicated Computing improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.

Partner With Dedicated Computing for Medical Embedded System Solutions

Medical technology is constantly evolving to meet new healthcare provider and patient needs. As a result, the embedded systems found in the devices and systems must be able to keep pace with the industry’s changing technology requirements and restrictions. Otherwise, the technology may not operate or perform as planned. 

For an embedded system provider you can count on to meet your needs, trust in the experts at Dedicated Computing. We provide computing platforms that power products for some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. Our systems are found in diagnostic and imaging devices, patient monitoring systems, and surgical and treatment tools. 

To learn more about our product and service offerings, contact us today. To discuss your system requirements with one of our team members, request a meeting.


Intel Healthcare Award

Dedicated Solution for BrightMatter™ Neurosurgery Product

Synaptive Medical was looking for a partner that could help get their innovative technology to market faster.

BrightMatter™ Drive, which is part of their BrightMatter™ neurosurgical product family, allows for robotic positioning of an optical component with neurosurgical tools, yielding a more efficient and comfortable experience for the surgeon in the OR when compared to a traditional microscope.

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