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Enhanced Computing for Genome Sequencing Solutions

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The systems and solutions we build here at Dedicated Computing enable our customers’ products; including highly scientific research and discovery instruments manufactured by leading OEMs in the life sciences industry. We work intimately with our customers to integrate the technology and connectivity solutions needed to drive today’s most exciting innovations. Dedicated Computing’s integrated software and […]

“Living Our Mission” Video Captures Essence of Company’s Purpose

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Dedicated Computing, a leading original design manufacturer (ODM) of proprietary, embedded computing systems, today released a new corporate video capturing the purpose and vision of their corporate mission: Powering the World’s Most Important Devices®. The 2-minute, documentary-short captures company employees discussing the “why” behind their mission.

Storage at the Edge Competes on Cost and Complexity

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In part one of this blog series, we suggested there are scenarios where storage in close proximity to compute systems offered advantages over cloud options. It certainly is cloudy. That’s the takeaway from RightScale’s 2018 Annual State of the Cloud Report. • “96 Percent of Respondents Use Cloud.” • “81 percent of enterprises have a […]

Precision Medicine Speeds Ahead with High Performance Computing Clusters

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Originally published, April 30, 2018, from Embedded Intel® Solutions In genomics, huge data files are generated, which are then broken down into thousands of smaller fragments for effective analytics. Today this kind of precision medicine is advancing because clinicians can access and interpret these data files—patient information in the form of genetic sequences—faster than ever. This […]

Tapping Into Big Data in a Single Day

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Faster Data Analysis Creates Meaningful Results in Precision Medicine Data drives healthcare, and care improves when accurate, timely information is shared effectively. That is essentially the guiding principle of genomics, which creates highly personalized treatment plans based on an individual’s genetic makeup. Fast data analysis is making a difference here, with technology at the heart […]

Compute-Storage Proximity: When Storage at the Edge Makes Sense

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A series on cloud technology versus localized software-defined storage Definitely impactful trends – but is cloud migration an absolute strategy? Not necessarily, particularly as there is healthy debate about what can be disseminated and stored to a public cloud, or even kept in a hybrid environment. Concerns over privacy, access, control, security, and capabilities are […]

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