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Medical Device Vulnerabilities and Tomorrow’s Security Threats

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In an era where unprecedented data breaches are affecting corporate and government entities, the devices used in hospitals and other medical settings represent an often overlooked, yet vital source of vulnerability. For years, security researchers have cautioned the healthcare industry about their exposed medical devices. Too often these devices are internet-capable or networked internally without […]

How The Military Is Leveraging Game-Like Scenarios

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The military has long used simulations to test and refine theories of warfare in an environment that replicates battlefield conditions without causing injury or necessitating the loss of human life. Under ideal conditions these simulations are rendered as realistically as possible in order to provide measurable and repeatable results. Traditionally, there are two types of […]

DC to Host Series of Power Sessions at I/ITSEC

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Dedicated Computing will once again host a series of 20-minute Power Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (11/27 and 11/28) during I/ITSEC 2018, the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference. Dedicated will be showcasing solutions that meet the needs of OEMs providing the best training equipment and simulation technologies for armed forces, skilled operators, and […]

What’s Secure Today, may not be Secure Tomorrow. Driving a security-first mindset for OEMs.

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As an OEM, how are you ensuring that your devices are secure? Read our latest white paper for establishing a security-first protocol. In volatile embedded environments where security threats are constant, how are you ensuring a security-first mindset? According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, supply chains were attacked every month in 2017, compared […]

NVIDIA Webcast: Ray Tracing, AI, and the Impact on MS&T

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Presented by Tim Woodard, Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA Since the early days of computer graphics, real-time ray tracing has been considered the “holy grail,” with its ability to produce photo-realistic images. Until now, ray tracing, complex lighting effects such as soft shadows, ambient occlusion, and inter-object reflections have all been computed using methods far too […]

Life @Dedicated — Associate Profile: Making a Difference with Kaitlin V.

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Continuing our video series “Life @Dedicated” – highlighting DC associates who represent one of our seven core values (Collaborate as a team, Making a Difference, Plan the Work and Work the Plan, Step it Up, Enjoy the Journey & Stay Above the Line). Our second featured associate is Kaitlin Volpendesta. Kaitlin is one of 200+ […]