Training & Simulation

Powering Realism and Fidelity for Improved Learning and Retention

Dedicated Computing understands the technical demands associated with these complex simulation systems and the need to improve learning and retention with realism and accuracy. Our embedded systems are based on over a decade of experience in delivering high-end graphics image generators.

We are a strategic supplier for several of the leading training & simulation original equipment manufacturers. Dedicated Computing provides purpose-built and validated systems for both regulated and unregulated markets. Our comprehensive embedded systems are designed to deliver the performance, reliability, and seamless integration global OEMs require.

Our expertise in Training & Simulation includes:

  • Long-term, strategic relationships with the world’s leading Training & Simulation OEMs
  • Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain, and Global Field Services
  • Product Design, Engineering, and Solution Architecture

Our embedded systems enable fast and easy deployment by providing integrated hardware, software, and services. Dedicated also ships directly to your end site, ready for commissioning, with software loaded and manufacture acceptance testing completed.

Proud members of:

National Center for Simulation

Transforming T&S with Smart Image Management, Windows 10, and Customized Backup

The Latest Strategies to Revolutionize Training and Simulation

Training and simulation OEMs must find ways to reduce cost, extend training options to new environments, and increase performance of systems. Mastering image management, security protocols, compliance, and streamlined backups are all essential activities for OEMs to stay competitive in this landscape.

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