Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Powering Precision and Image Management for the Next Generation of Treatment

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life sciences

Life Science Solutions

Life Science Solutions

Powering the Analysis and Drug Discovery for Fighting Global Pandemics

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military solutions

Civil & Defense Solutions

Civil & Defense Solutions

Powering Realism and Fidelity for Advanced Simulation and Virtual Experiences

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industrial solutions

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Powering Product Inspection and Data Processing for Industry 5.0

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  • Healthcare
    • Improving Time to Market for Innovative Surgical Tools

      A developer of neurosurgical technologies sought a partner to get to market quickly with a new robotic positioning tool. Dedicated Computing engineered a flexible, next-generation, ultra-small form factor platform, meeting time-to-market goals and creating a control node optimized for a range of healthcare applications.

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  • Life Sciences
    • Increasing Speed and Performance of DNA Sequencing

      A global genomics innovator needed support in creating a platform designed to process massive amounts of sequencing data accurately, rapidly, and cost-effectively. Dedicated Computing partnered its engineering expertise with their development needs, pinpointing and resolving issues by integrating the client’s technology directly onto the platform.

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  • Civil & Defense
    • Meeting DoD Windows 10 Directive for Secure Military Training & Simulation

      With expertise in managing security issues to harden images and comply with Information Assurance (IA), Dedicated Computing recommended the embedded version of Microsoft Windows 10, providing a longer lifecycle and reducing vulnerability for the security-sensitive application.

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  • Industrial Automation
    • Solving Data Management Challenges for Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers

      Dedicated Computing works with industrial equipment manufacturers to align their long-term business strategies with a smart approach to connectivity. With our focus on the food/beverage processing segment, we provide complete solutions that meet any level of need for computing power.

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ProductsDelivering embedded solutions comprised of Hardware, Software, and Services

The Dedicated Difference:

From the design and development of embedded systems, to large-scale deployments, Dedicated Computing provides value-added services to OEMs worldwide.

  • Engineering, Design, and Prototyping
  • Certification Management and Qualification
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Field Services and Support
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