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Start-Up AND Scale Up: Entrepreneurship is Central to Job Creation

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Insights on Building the Wisconsin Tech Economy Dedicated Computing’s President & CEO, Don Schlidt offers a point of view on job creation in Wisconsin, advocating that growth is as much about scaling established businesses as it is driving new start-ups. Don brings more than 30 years of business experience and 20 years of technology industry […]

Whitelisting, Blacklisting, and Deep Freeze

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  By Bill Gray, Senior Systems Engineer, Dedicated Computing You want to keep your embedded system secure, so you decide to install a virus scanner. However, the device does not have an internet connection, and you can’t afford to send a service person to update the virus definitions as often as is needed, so is […]

Secure/Trusted Booting

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  By Wade Brown, Senior Research and Design Engineer, Dedicated Computing Secure boot is a component of the UEFI firmware package and does not exist in legacy BIOS implementations.  The intended use of this component is to protect against boot kits (as opposed to root kits, which target the OS).  The general boot path is:  computer starts, UEFI […]

The Keys to Unlocking Self-Encrypting Drives

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  By Wade Brown, Senior Research and Design Engineer at Dedicated Computing Hardware based encrypting storage drives utilize cryptographic logic directly on the controller chip. Any hard drive using this technology is constantly encrypting and decrypting data, regardless of whether the drive has been locked. Unlike software-based encrypting techniques, hardware crypto engines are faster and […]

ODM/OEM Relationship

Smart Design and Market Leadership: Go Hand-in-Hand as Requirements for Powering the OEM/ODM Relationship

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How and when to capitalize on ODM resources for a competitive-edge with embedded computing Leading Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) of embedded computing systems work diligently to protect the OEM from making costly mistakes that could occur along the way within the OEM’s product development process. ODMs focus on solving the unknown and unpredictable challenges common […]

Build For Life

4 Great Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Industrial PC Supplier

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When choosing an industrial PC supplier for your mission-critical product design, consider these four questions before you pull the trigger. 4 Key questions to ask when selecting a supplier for embedded computing: Can they prioritize smart purchase lifecycles? Choose a partner that understands the long-life demands of embedded, compute-intensive design. Proactive Change Management – Can […]