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Understanding Cloud-Based Visual Systems

Understanding Cloud-Based Visual System Architectures

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Written by: Jeanette Ling The Government’s “Cloud First” policy of 2011 set an accelerated course of government technology migration to cloud resources. The benefits of cloud services and infrastructure are appealing for use in simulation and training for many reasons, including the ability to provide point-of-need (PoN) simulation, freedom from hardware maintenance and upgrades, reduction […]

Embedded Computing Systems in the Simulated Training Environment

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A highly engineered, embedded computing system is critical to powering the simulated training industry. Compute systems and the integration teams require the necessary understanding of the product dynamics, modeling, image generation,content, and the hardware driving the simulator. These advanced simulation systems power 3D content to produce a synthetic environment to realistically represent the types of […]

Deep Learning - Training and Sim

Deep Learning: Creating Impact in Training and Simulation

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Is the Modeling, Simulation, and Training (MS&T) market ready for machine learning? Our latest white paper covers five key considerations for MS&T OEMs as they explore emerging technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence. Understanding the Technologies Comparing GPU vs CPU Performance Embracing the Deep Learning Advantage Breaking Barriers in Training and Simulation Tapping […]

The Dedicated Difference in 4:40 — Watch the Video

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Dedicated Computing recently released a new facilities tour video taking virtual visitors behind the scenes of their 130,000 sq. ft. Milwaukee-based facility. The 4-minute video provides a view into the company’s design and engineering facility, their performance analysis lab, and manufacturing facility. For more videos from Dedicated, please visit our youtube page.

Medical Device Vulnerabilities and Tomorrow’s Security Threats

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In an era where unprecedented data breaches are affecting corporate and government entities, the devices used in hospitals and other medical settings represent an often overlooked, yet vital source of vulnerability. For years, security researchers have cautioned the healthcare industry about their exposed medical devices. Too often these devices are internet-capable or networked internally without […]

How The Military Is Leveraging Game-Like Scenarios

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The military has long used simulations to test and refine theories of warfare in an environment that replicates battlefield conditions without causing injury or necessitating the loss of human life. Under ideal conditions these simulations are rendered as realistically as possible in order to provide measurable and repeatable results. Traditionally, there are two types of […]