Data Image Processing

Transforming Raw Data Into Useful Information

Data or Image Processing – Acquisition PC – Primary Analysis Server – Security Video Recorder
Data/Image processing systems transform raw data into meaningful information. Data sets or image libraries are generated from a wide variety of healthcare, life sciences and industrial applications. Many of these applications require real time, or near real time feedback in order to effectively guide surgical procedures, maintain quality control in machine automation systems or to more quickly batch-process immunoassays in a clinical diagnostic instrument.
Within these applications, computational processing needs are increasing in order to more rapidly manipulate and transform raw data into meaningful information.
Dedicated Computing has a diverse portfolio of data/image processing systems that provide a range of size and performance options. They also support integration of a wide array of input devices such as frame grabber or camera interface cards, digital I/O modules, or FPGA acceleration offload engines. Our systems also include an embedded software layer developed with security and intelligent system monitoring in mind, while integrated engineering services ensure robust, reliable performance that is optimized to your application.

Use Case

Protecting Critical Infrastructure with Sophisticated Plug-and-Play Surveillance

A global leader in advanced security systems, protecting some of the most security-conscious organizations around the world, wanted to outsource its hardware design and development. Dedicated Computing now operates as the OEM’s hardware “branch” of its video surveillance unit.

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