Dedicated Computing is an original design manufacturer of proprietary, highly-engineered computing systems for OEM customers in the following markets:

  • Healthcare – testing & analysis, surgery & treatment, medical imaging and patient monitoring & treatment segments.
  • Life sciences – molecular simulation, computational neurosciences, and omics segments.
  • Training & Simulation – military and civil/commercial segments.
  • Industrial – distribution, transportation and industrial automation segments.

Dedicated Computing focuses on high growth applications within select vertical markets.  Our customers have applications that are computationally intense, have large data sets, massive and fast storage or I/O requirements, or intensive graphical imaging needs. Our customers value Dedicated Computing’s partnership because we provide solutions that solve business issues, such as:

  • Longer Lifecycle – We synchronize component lifecycles to the customer’s product development schedule and manage obsolescence.
  • Global Regulatory Requirements – We design and obtain regulatory certifications for our customers and their applications to meet global requirements.
  • Data Security – We enable secure connectivity for transferring data to the cloud.
  • System Performance and Uptime – Our systems are engineered for reliability and proactive monitoring.
  • Connectivity – We provide secure Industrial IoT enabled platforms.
  • Time to Market – Our application ready systems are tailored to accelerate customer innovation.
  • Supply Chain Complexity– We support vendor consolidation initiatives.
  • High Service Requirements – We provide 24×7 support and extended services options.

Our systems are comprised of:

  • Hardware – Compute and storage platforms that meet the performance, lifecycle, security, and connectivity needs of customers’ applications.
  • Software – Software stack images are created, optimized and secured with appropriate BIOS settings, device drivers, software patches and firmware revisions.
  • Services – Services that support the increasingly complex configuration of computing and storage systems for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Solution Examples by Market



Provided Robust and Enhanced Performance in a Small Footprint for a Robotic Pill Dispensing System - A provider of pharmacy technology solutions needed to enhance serviceability and performance of its automated dispensing systems. It was also critical that the solution reduced footprint and cost of the onsite robotic unit.

Met Time-To-Market Goals with Flexible Ultra-Small Form Factor - A developer of neurosurgical technologies sought a partner to help them introduce a new robotic positioning tool to the market very quickly. The new technology included an optical component more advanced than a traditional microscope to yield a more efficient and comfortable experience for OR surgeons.


Life Sciences

Eliminated System Performance Constraints to Bring Benefits of Sequencing to a Larger Population - A leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of life sciences instruments needed reliability and performance greater than commercially available systems could provide. The firm needed to protect against costly downtime and increased warranty costs, as well as data bottlenecks that throttled performance.

Massive Amounts of Sequencing Data Processed Accurately and Rapidly - A global genomics innovator needed support in creating a platform designed for processing massive amounts of sequencing data accurately, rapidly, and cost effectively.


Training and Simulation

Streamlined Configure-to-Order Processes for Full Flight Training Simulator - A global training and simulation leader was spending too much time and too many resources customizing each end customer’s integration. Dedicated Computing shifted their proprietary platform to an Application Ready Reference Design.

Improved Lifecycle Management and Visibility of Deployed Solutions for Connected Simulation Systems - The need for better monitoring, tracking and management of field systems challenged a developer of surgical simulators. Improved lifecycle management and remote distribution of software updates would improve their customers’ overall experience.

Delivered Greater Visual Acuity in High Fidelity Simulation - Committed to keeping its products on the leading edge, a training and simulation developer sought a platform capable of delivering greater visual acuity in high fidelity simulation and reduced maintenance costs.



Collaborative Design Reduced Time-to-Market by 50% for Hybrid Digital Recorder - A leader in the design, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of integrated security solutions worldwide – and a longtime partner to Dedicated Computing – sought collaboration to expand its product portfolio.