Medical Product Outsourcing Feature: Remote System Diagnostics

Transform Service with Four-Phase Strategy

In healthcare, clinical effectiveness and system performance are closely related but separate issues facing manufacturers of medical devices. As the World Healthcare Organization points out, clinical effectiveness is a good indicator of device performance, yet its technical functions contribute dramatically to that success and may even be easier to measure and quantify objectively. After all, if the customer perceives an issue with a device, there is indeed an issue with the device. This very real snapshot of the healthcare universe is driving medical device manufacturers to focus ever more closely on service strategies and excellence in system uptime as a complement to the overall efficacy of their devices. Four key themes arise in this shift, pointing to the need for a phased strategy centered on managing the compute system at the heart of the healthcare device: scoring product reliability, grading responsiveness, analyzing true costs, and understanding broad ways remote connectivity can create impact throughout the manufacturing entity.

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