Dedicated Computing Announces UW-Milwaukee EnQuest Program Partnership

MILWAUKEE, WI (September 25, 2018) – Dedicated Computing recently announced its partnership with and support of the UW-Milwaukee College of Engineering and Applied Science EnQuest program. EnQuest is a summer camp put on by UWM that offers a hands-on experience for young women exploring potential careers in engineering. Dedicated Computing hosted a day-long maker-lab environment as part of the 2018 EnQuest program.

“The visit to Dedicated Computing gave our students a meaningful experience in a real engineering workplace,” said Chris Beimborn, UW-Milwaukee EnQuest Coordinator and STEM Outreach Specialist. “This was an exceptional experience that made the idea of a career feel tangible and exciting to high school students – that’s a rare accomplishment that I believe will influence their life goals.”

“With the continued growth of our organization and desire to attract and retain top talent, Dedicated Computing remains committed to supporting programs like EnQuest that inspire the technical and engineering talent of the future,” said Jane Menheer, CFO, Dedicated Computing.

Dedicated Computing employs over 200 associates who collectively support its mission of Powering the World’s Most Important Devices®.

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