Life Sciences Reference Design Examples

Eliminated System Performance Constraints to Bring Benefits of Sequencing to a Larger Population

A leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science instruments needed reliability and performance greater than commercially available systems could provide. The firm needed to protect against costly downtime and increased warranty costs, as well as data bottlenecks that throttled performance. Dedicated Computing analyzed constraints specific to their I/O subsystem, developing a performance-optimized application ready reference design based on Intel technology and validated to the application’s performance and environmental demands.

  • Dedicated Computing’s access to emerging partner technology dramatically accelerated client time to market
  • End-user ROI improved significantly by avoiding reliance on restrictive commercially available technologies
  • Optimized storage subsystem eliminated system performance constraints

Dedicated helped this client access the technology and expertise needed to broaden its customer base, now delivering precision medicine and the benefits of sequencing to a larger population.

Massive Amounts of Sequencing Data Processed Accurately and Rapidly

A global genomics innovator needed support in creating a platform designed for processing massive amounts of sequencing data accurately, rapidly, and cost effectively. Commercially available systems were insufficient and also created roadblocks when servicing systems in the field. Dedicated Computing partnered its engineering expertise with the genomics leader’s needs, pinpointing and resolving issues by integrating the client’s technology directly onto the platform.

Dedicated’s industry role enabled better and earlier access to advanced technology from genomics technology partners such as Intel.

  • Flexible, high-performance storage options optimized the storage subsystem for a range of performance and cost considerations
  • Workloads were accelerated with fewer servers and hardware resources
  • Customized software stack met application needs, including a monitoring agent for proactive system management and maximum uptime

Dedicated’s scalable remote support team handles end-user requests on demand, removing tier one support from client resources. Dedicated’s application ready reference design reduced infrastructure footprint and processing, helping drive more effective healthcare through precision medicine