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ZetaFlex: High-Performance Storage Appliance

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High-Performance Storage Appliance
Computationally intensive applications like genome sequencing, image rendering and simulation increasingly depend on low-latency, high-bandwidth storage to deliver faster application performance and higher levels of fidelity.

It is the proprietary software developed by Dedicated Computing that sets the ZetaFlex high-performance storage appliance apart from other storage solutions. Engineered for the needs of the embedded computing market, Dedicated Computing designed the ZetaFlex appliance to be software optimized for read-heavy or read/write balanced workloads and provide a longer lifecycle.

Leveraging the power and reliability of software defined storage, the ZetaFlex storage appliance delivers robust and fast storage with very low latency.

ZetaFlex Benefits

  • Optimized for Performance – ZetaFlex is a storage solution with the optimal software and hardware architecture to support the specific performance needs and latency demands of each application.
  • Reliability – The ZetaFlex storage appliance improves data integrity and system uptime. Its advanced error detection and self healing
    capabilities guard your data against integrity issues and hardware failure without impacting storage performance.

Zeta Dashboard

  • Ease of Use – High-performance storage should not be difficult to use or manage. The ZetaFlex storage appliance is easy to configure through an intuitive web interface. All aspects of the ZetaFlex storage appliance’s health and performance are quickly accessible. Current status, present and historical performance data, notifications, alerts, and logs are presented simply and understandably. In order to facilitate easy integration into customer applications, the ZetaFlex storage appliance also makes all of this information available through a developer-friendly Application Programming Interface.

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To further simplify ownership, each ZetaFlex includes 3 years of global onsite service and support with an option to extend this service to 5 years.

ZetaFlex™ Data Sheet

Highly Scalable, Highly Flexible 2U Server Platform

ZetaFlex™ is purpose-built Software Defined Storage (SDS) custom appliance designed to meet the growing needs of big data through an integrated and optimized software and hardware approach. This highly scalable file system provides a flexible 128-bit file system designed for large-scale growth with unlimited snapshots and copy-on-write clones


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