Choosing the Right ODM for your Embedded Computing System (Build For Life)

Whether you’re an OEM offering customization options on your existing product catalogue, or you’re developing and marketing next-generation products, partnering with an original design manufacturer (ODM) for your embedded computing needs will greatly benefit your bottom line.

Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) of embedded computing systems play a key role in the product design chain, filling a gap for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

What OEMs may not realize, is that their ODM partners are constantly striving to deliver ahead of market needs, competing by readying features and performance improvements before OEMs realize the necessity to their systems. Whether developing a specialized component which may not be available off-the-shelf, or customizing an existing product for end-user performance – ODMs work hard to drive new efficiency, creativity, and competitive advantage in product development.  An ODM will significantly relieve you from dealing with engineering design and manufacturing, offering best-in-class product-development iterations, lifecycle management, and time to market benefits. OEMs in return can focus efforts and capital towards engineering their product, software design, channel development, logistics, and marketing.

What to look for in an ODM Partner for Embedded System Manufacturing

When it comes to assessing an embedded system ODM, several factors can make or break a partnership, including service cost, quality, product time to market, and endurance. With all these considerations, look for the sweet spot that offers the most value for your investment. Consider also the below criteria when determining an ODM’s effectiveness:

  • DFM implementation: Design for manufacturability (DFM) principles outline design guidelines to ensure efficient manufacturing by addressing production problems that occur during a product’s design stages.
  • Future proof design: ODMs should proactively work with you to understand and determine the product’s future needs. This way, you can always account for product expandability built into the design, preparing it for future technological advances and increasing its lifecycle.
  • Knowhow: A good ODM should help you make the best decisions across the entire product development spectrum, from tooling and technical product considerations to guidance regarding specific market verticals.

Build For Life

If you’re an OEM developing life-improving and life-saving devices, each computing problem you solve directly impacts the quality of your product and customer satisfaction. Partnering with an ODM will save you valuable resources that you can apply to developing other critically important products. Strategic partnerships with ODMs offer:

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  • Intelligent lifecycle management: Choose ODMs that anticipate embedded technology availability for up to 7–10 years in the future, serving the long-life demands of highly regulated medical and life science–related systems
  • Proactive change management: Distinguish ODMs by their proactive change management strategies  that reduce risk and eliminate unnecessary or costly changes by providing product modularity and easier design adaptation for future iterations
  • Smart, collaborative design: An ODM should configure and validate systems early in product design, helping OEMs avoid issues later on and smoothing out production issues in the long run
  • Application-specific value: The ODM should work with the OEM to provide comprehensive hardware, software, and service solutions for each specific market vertical

Dedicated Computing

Choosing the right ODM partner to develop your specialized products can save you time, money, and headaches throughout their life cycle.

Contact us to discover how Dedicated Computing LLC can help you launch your products and manage ongoing change in ways that will benefit your bottom line and ensure great customer experiences.

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