Training and Simulation Reference Design Examples

Streamlined Configure-to-Order Processes for Full Flight Training Simulator

A global training and simulation leader was spending too much time and too many resources customizing each end customer’s integration. Dedicated Computing shifted their proprietary platform to Application Ready Reference Design; the rack assembly was designed, validated and integrated to streamline configure-to-order processes and increase flexibility in product architecture. as a result,

  • Lead times were reduced by 50%, using a single platform to enable custom end-user solutions
  • Long term costs decreased based on less inventory to store, manage and insure
  • Dedicated’s proactive lifecycle management protected against costly system revalidation

Operational improvements also provided a catalyst for deeper collaboration and efficiencies beyond a hardware build, including field system support and strategizing long term design implications.

Improved Lifecycle Management and Visibility of Deployed Solutions for Connected Simulation Systems

The need for better monitoring, tracking and management of field systems challenged a developer of surgical simulators. Improved lifecycle management and remote distribution of software updates would improve their customers’ overall experience. Dedicated Computing responded with a fully-integrated Application Ready Reference Design, optimized for high fidelity simulation applications that enabled secure connectivity of multiple systems to the cloud.

  • Service costs were kept in check with asset management and global support
  • Secure remote monitoring and management simplified operations, including monitoring hardware health, preventive maintenance, and software and training curriculum updates
  • Simulation centers saw tangible cloud value, with an additional security layer and aggregated information on software versions, usage, and system health

Dedicated’s partnership enabled secure, connected performance, improving visibility of deployed solutions and creating operational efficiencies that continue to drive global revenue.

Delivered Greater Visual Acuity in High Fidelity Flight Training Systems

Committed to keeping its products on the leading edge, a training and simulation developer sought a platform capable of delivering greater visual acuity in high fidelity simulation and a reduction of maintenance costs. Dedicated’s Application Ready Reference Design provided a completely integrated platform with remote monitoring and management capabilities, realizing new performance and operational efficiencies.

  • R&D resources now remain focused on value-added innovation to distinguish new devices
  • Proactive maintenance and system monitoring reduced cost of ownership for end-users
  • Operations and maintenance expenses were reduced for the long term, with less technician time required to diagnose and maintain field systems

Dedicated’s insight and partnership not only helped this client improve accessibility and serviceability, but also allowed them to provide additional services and track system usage to proactively pinpoint new sales opportunities.