Dedicated Solution for BrightMatter™ Neurosurgery Product


At Synaptive Medical, ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient is at the heart of everything they do. This simplicity of focus inspires the innovations and advancements that the complex discipline of neurosurgery requires, and merits. The success of this focus can be seen at Milwaukee-based Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, who was the first in the world to operate using Synaptive Medical’s entire suite of Neurosurgical Solutions a few days after the US Food and Drug Administration cleared BrightMatter™ Guide. A procedure was successfully performed on the brain of a patient with minimal anesthetic and risk to the patient’s brain function.

By working with the right partner, Synaptive was able to deliver, on time, their groundbreaking technology that results in faster and simpler procedures which helps to reduce post-operative complications and encourages faster recovery.


Synaptive Medical was looking for a partner that could help get their innovative technology to market faster. BrightMatter™ Drive, which is part of their BrightMatter™ neurosurgical product family, allows for robotic positioning of an optical component with neurosurgical tools, yielding a more efficient and comfortable experience for the surgeon in the OR when compared to a
traditional microscope.

Synaptive needed a partner that had medical and design expertise to meet the quality, size and performance their solution required. Synaptive Medical contacted Dedicated Computing after
learning about its expertise in supplying long lifecycle compute platforms for the medical industry.


Dedicated assessed Synaptive’s BrightMatter™ Neurosurgery products and solutions to determine critical design requirements, taking into account Synaptive’s time to market objectives. Dedicated matched Synaptive’s needs with its planned release of their A7101 platform, a flexible, next generation ultra-small form factor control node that is ideal for a variety of healthcare applications.

Dedicated’s planned release of the small form factor platform mapped directly to Synaptive’s launch timeline. Designing a custom chassis and providing medical grade power cables to interface with Synaptive’s instrument design, the A7101 brings to life Synaptive’s innovative technology that enables surgeons to navigate the brain through clear, three-dimensional images.


Synaptive was able to stay focused on developing their application and successfully meet their launch date. Additionally, Dedicated Computing was able to maximize life cycle benefits for Synaptive with access to emerging partner technology for embedded chip set. With pre-planned certification testing, Dedicated helped streamline Synaptive’s medical Electromagnetic Compatibility and safety certifications for the instrument.

Synaptive is leading the way in research, education and advances in surgical technologies. By meeting expectations for time and quality, Dedicated Computing helped Synaptive stay focused on providing surgeons with better tools and visualization to improve efficiency in the operating room.

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