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Two New Services from Dedicated Computing

Dedicated Computing has launched two new services to help customers with long-term support, preventative maintenance, and lifecycle optimization.


Dedicated Computing Online Diagnostics Environment (DCODE) is a platform that provides comprehensive hardware diagnostics enabled through remote connectivity to fielded systems or the OEM manufacturing environment.

Troubleshooting systems can be time-consuming and tedious without the proper tools. Utilizing trial and error methods such as swapping components is costly in terms of downtime, travel, and spare utilization. DCODE provides system-level component analysis, hardware failure analysis, comprehensive benchmarking, and verification of proper operations of the system.

• Minimize downtime
• Eliminate no problem found RMAs
• Reduce warranty costs
• Increase effectiveness of the service organization
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Eliminate unnecessary travel

Read more about DCODE here.


Dedicated Computing’s monitoring and management services provide customers with the ability to remotely monitor connected devices. This service and its accompanying infrastructure benefit customers by allowing them to build cost-effective service systems. Observation and status of devices in real-time, problem and alert notification, historical data collection and analysis for problem definition to product improvement processes, are all benefits customers can expect with DCMON.

With DCMON, customers experience reduced travel costs, more effective field service visits, decreased mean-time-to-repair, and proactively addressing problems before they impact the OEM’s device.

Read more about DCMON here.