Dedicated Computing Products

Our Advanced Computational Products Include

Dedicated Computing designs and builds integrated embedded systems that are optimized to meet the specific computational and performance needs of OEM’s applications.

Dedicated Computing delivers application-ready embedded systems that are comprised of:

  • Hardware – Compute and storage platforms that meet the performance, lifecycle, security, and connectivity needs of customers’ applications.
  • Software – Software stack images are created, optimized and secured with appropriate BIOS settings, device drivers, software patches and firmware revisions.
  • Services – Services that support the increasingly complex configuration of computing and storage systems for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Types of Compute include:

Control Processing

Whether your production machinery requires complex, fast and precise movements, simple positioning or temperature control, we deliver the right system to handle the machine or motion control programming for your application:

  • Machine Controller
  • Motion Controller
  • Control PC

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Custom Appliances

ZetaFlex: High-Performance Storage Appliance

Computationally intensive applications like genome sequencing, image rendering and simulation increasingly depend on low-latency, high-bandwidth storage to deliver faster application performance and higher levels of fidelity. Engineered for the needs of the embedded computing market, Dedicated Computing designed the ZetaFlex appliance to be software optimized for read-heavy or read/write balanced workloads and provide a longer lifecycle. It is the proprietary software developed by Dedicated Computing that sets the ZetaFlex high-performance storage appliance apart from other storage solutions.

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Data/Image Processing

Dedicated Computing offers a diverse portfolio of data/image processing compute systems that provide a range of size and performance options.

  • Acquisition PC
  • Primary Analysis Server
  • Security Video Recorder

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Data Storage

Dedicated Computing provides proven expertise in working with our customers to select the right storage technology to optimize performance, capacity, and cost:

  • Storage Server
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Node
  • Database Storage

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All-in-One Touch Screen Display

Display Systems

Dedicated Computing provides a deep level of knowledge and expertise to OEMs requiring display systems. DC works closely with customers and manufacturing supply partners for design and delivery of high-quality display platforms for a broad spectrum of applications and environments.

  • Commercial Monitors
  • Custom & ODM Monitors
  • Embedded Displays
  • Panel PCs
  • All-in-Ones

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Image Generation

Whether it is a simple, single system avionics procedures trainer or more complex, full-flight simulation environment, we have the right system. Dedicated Computing works with many of the world’s leading Training & Simulation OEMs for enabling:

  • More realistic scene fidelity
  • Highest image quality
  • Best performance availability

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Common to many of today’s visual imaging applications is the need for planning and viewing stations that may or may not be near the integrated imaging system. Dedicated Computing collaborates with the OEM to determine the best mix of computational requirements, such as processing, memory, storage, and graphics for when executing an application.

  • Viewing Station
  • Planning Workstation
  • Panel PC
  • Image Display
  • Operator Interface

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DC Product Portfolio

DC Product Portfolio

DC Systems are built from our proprietary library of product reference designs. To request a copy of complete Product Catalog, contact our Product Management team by clicking the request button below