Planning/viewing systems for analysis and planning.

Viewing Station – Planning Workstation – Panel PC – Image Display – Operator Interface

Common to many of today’s visual imaging applications is the need for planning and viewing stations that may or may not be near the integrated imaging system.  These planning/viewing solutions use data sets from the imaging system for analysis and planning and require computational systems that take a balanced approach to processing, memory, storage and graphics when executing an application.

Dedicated systems are ideally suited for a diverse array of applications such as:

  • CT scanners
  • Baggage scanning/viewing
  • Instructor operator and after action review activities in training and simulation environments
  • Radiation therapy treatment
  • Surgical navigation planning

Dedicated Computing’s portfolio of planning/viewing systems span a broad performance profile and offer an assortment of storage and graphics options.  Our holistic approach to system development results in a secure, optimized software and hardware layer that enables remote monitoring, updating and support of the system.