Dedicated Computing, an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), designs and builds integrated hardware and software systems that are optimized to meet the specific computational and performance needs of original equipment manufacturers’ applications. These systems are preconfigured with network connectivity and onboard diagnostics to enable a range of Managed Services capabilities.

Our experience with the needs and trends of the markets we serve enables us to deliver application ready systems that are comprised of:

  • Hardware – Compute and storage platforms that meet the performance, lifecycle, security, and connectivity needs of customers’ applications.
  • Software – Software stack images are created, optimized and secured with appropriate BIOS settings, device drivers, software patches and firmware revisions.
  • Services – Services that support the increasingly complex configuration of computing and storage systems for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Dedicated collaborates with our customers to deliver the system with specifications suited  to their application.

Types of Systems

  • Machine Controller
  • Motion Controller
  • Control PC

  • Acquisition PC
  • Primary Analysis Server
  • Security Video Recorder

  • Storage Server
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Node
  • Database Storage

  • Image Reconstruction
  • Image Rendering
  • Rendering Node

  • Viewing Station
  • Planning Workstation
  • Panel PC
  • Image Display
  • Operator Interface


The systems we build are designed to solve the complex business issues for the key markets we serve:

  • Healthcare - testing & analysis, surgery & treatment, medical imaging and patient monitoring & treatment segments.
  • Life sciences - molecular simulation, computational neurosciences, and omics segments.
  • Training & simulation - military and civil/commercial segments.
  • Industrial - distribution, transportation and industrial automation segments.