The commercial market for bioinformatics is increasing as the demand for genomics, proteomics, cheminformatics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, molecular phylogenetics, etc. in biotech and pharmaceutical research and development grows. Increased investment in research and development and technological advancements in bioinformatics further its use in drug discovery for personalized medicine and clinical diagnostics.  Original equipment manufacturers continue to improve and provide benefits in the convenient and accurate verification of biological data and storage and access to large amount of data.

As technology advances and groundbreaking discoveries are being made, high performance and reliable solutions continue to be a priority.

Our technology addresses key industry challenges:

  • Avoid costly validation and verification. We work closely with our customers to reduce the complexity of product lifecycle management – component changes are planned to synchronize with your system updates, not with the IT market.
  • Better utilization of resources. Dedicated Computing provides engineering expertise to help with image configuration, design services, validation and optimization of your application for hardware. Focus your valuable resources on strategic initiatives and let Dedicated Computing help with the software stack.
  • Improve system uptime. Proactive monitoring and management improves reliability and corrects potential failures before they become a reality, avoiding downtime and reducing security threats associated with software stack vulnerabilities.

Dedicated Computing’s systems are built on years of experience in the healthcare diagnostic industry. We are a strategic supplier for several of the leading healthcare original equipment manufacturers. Dedicated Computing’s products have a longer life cycle, are scalable and designed specifically to meet the variety of needs for bioinformatics.

Rely on Dedicated Computing to deliver the products and services needed to power the advanced applications of the bioinformatics market.