Powering quality and efficiency for smart manufacturing



The Industrial market is becoming more technologically-centered. The need to boost productivity, control costs, maximize efficiency, and improve quality and safety through highly automated industrial solutions is a universal requirement. To improve operational effectiveness, manufacturers need to leverage “smart” technologies and utilize data generated to make timely, informed decisions.

Additionally, with competition, complex supply chains and constant technological changes, organizations need to find new ways to quicken product development.  By leveraging Dedicated Computing’s technical expertise, your resources can stay focused on innovation and strategic initiatives.

Dedicated Computing can help solve the most pressing challenges in developing, configuring, and training complex Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.  We also support your resources with implementation and training, managed services, cloud hosting solutions, Apple and mobility solutions, and product procurement.  Rely on Dedicated Computing to deliver the products and services to leverage the benefits technology can bring to manufacturing operations.

  • Improve decision making. Utilize dashboards to track usage and run analytics to give you the ability to make critical business decisions that improve product design and customer experience.
  • Increase uptime. Proactive monitoring and management means less downtime through remote and secure identification, aversion, and potential repair of hardware or software issues before they occur.
  • Enhance productivity. The Dedicated Computing team holds extensive certification across a breadth of technologies to ensure you fully realize benefits of your hardware and software investments.  Our team will help your organization better use technology to run the business as efficiently as possible.
  • Leverage expertise. By taking advantage of engineering expertise and partner technology, we can dramatically improve your time to market.  Additionally, we ensure a solution that is the right technology to support and grow with your business.