ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 13485 Certified
Comply with 21 CFR Part 820 CGMP (established by the FDA).


As the market moves toward more advanced technology such as computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR), hospitals and diagnostic centers are able to give a more accurate diagnosis and better service to their patients.

Improved and faster imaging methods for higher patient throughput are essential in helping technicians work quickly and efficiently. Manufacturers are continually looking for ways to reduce radiation exposure, improve image quality and minimize the time required for processing.

Dedicated Computing’s systems provide the power and performance needed to support your device.

  • Avoid costly validation and verification.  We work closely with our customers to reduce the complexity of product lifecycle management – component changes are planned to synchronize with your system updates, not with the IT market.
  • Better utilization of resources. Dedicated Computing provides engineering expertise to help with image configuration, design services, validation and optimization of your application for hardware. Focus your valuable resources on strategic initiatives and let Dedicated Computing help with the software stack.
  • Expertise in healthcare.  Our systems are built on years of experience in the healthcare industry, with certification that includes ISO 13485.

Dedicated Computing’s systems are built on years of experience in the healthcare diagnostic industry. We are a strategic supplier for several of the leading healthcare original equipment manufacturers. Dedicated Computing’s products have a longer lifecycle, are scalable and designed specifically to meet the variety of needs for healthcare.

Rely on Dedicated Computing to deliver the systems needed to power the advanced applications of the diagnostics and imaging market.