Powering the speed of discovery to meet global energy demands

Energy Exploration


In order to meet the global demand for energy through traditional and unconventional means, the need for reliable systems in the field and corporate offices is critical. To become more efficient in finding and extracting hydrocarbons, the industry continues to push the bounds of technology.

Seismic imaging data, as one example, is helping find the targeted areas for exploration without expensive and time-consuming drilling. With the addition of 4D imaging, oil and gas companies can expand these benefits and look at how the reservoir is changing in real time. Production downtime can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Therefore, it is critical that equipment downtime is minimized to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Over the past few years the focus in E&P includes:

  • Shale exploration
  • Drilling to deeper depths offshore
  • Enhanced oil recovery / hydraulic fracturing

The increased focus on unconventional exploration and demand for real time data requires more powerful and reliable solutions that allow quicker and informed decisions. Dedicated Computing’s systems addresses these key industry challenges

  • Accessibility – Dedicate Computing’s high performance servers process and analyze seismic imaging data faster to provide the information you need to make business decisions in a timely manner.
  • Reliability – Our highly engineered products are ruggedized to meet the harsh environment of the oil and gas industry and provide options for redundant cooling, power and storage arrays to minimize equipment downtime.
  • Sustainability – Proactive monitoring and management services better identify potential hardware/software faults before they occur, to improve system uptime.

Dedicated Computing’s systems deliver high-performing, reliable, rugged servers and monitoring and management services to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry.

  • Multi-core and dual CPU systems
  • Low-profile rack mount designs
  • Support for co-processors
  • Application-specific thermal, power, and mechanical design
  • Rugged packaging designs
  • Marine rated, barge tested
  • Portable/rugged