DC in the News: Employers need to ‘widen the talent funnel’ in tight labor market

A ‘double-digit’ list of open positions

The following is an excerpt from an original article published September 21, 2018 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. For the full article, click here.

Don Schlidt, president and chief executive officer of Dedicated Computing LLC, applauded Kelley and the Alliance for helping employers in the county share best practices for addressing the tight labor market.

“The talent shortage is growing, and despite the fact that companies are often competing with each other for talent, I think the sharing of best practices and strategies among Waukesha-based companies has never been better,” Schlidt said.

Schlidt said his company has a “double-digit” list of open positions it is trying to fill.

“We are certainly being creative in widening the talent funnel — year-round internships, university and technical college partnerships, re-framing jobs in a way to perhaps enable broader eligibility,” Schlidt said.

Widening the talent funnel might be the key to survival for many companies in the full employment economy.

For the full article, click here.

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