Industrial Reference Design Example

Collaborated to Design a New Hybrid Digital Recorder and Reduce Time-to-Market by 50%

A leader in the design, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of integrated security solutions worldwide – and a customer of Dedicated Computing – sought collaboration to build its product portfolio. Dedicated Computing contributed critical industry insights and “voice of the customer” information to identify a gap in the customer’s product portfolio, generating the idea to design a Hybrid Digital Video Recorder (HDVR).

  • Product lifecycle management removed the worry of long-term sourcing
  • Design and engineering expertise coupled with legacy product understanding allowed for reliability and performance to be central to product design
  • The total solution ranged from initial design considerations and custom designed components, to product planning, regulatory compliance, training and test, and program management

By managing the project to completion, including securing software and hardware platform validation, Dedicated Computing enabled the customer’s engineering team to instead focus on the software platform and market preparation. Production time was reduced by 50%, and projections for product demand have led the customer to subsequently build out the same product using other form factors optimized for additional markets.