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DC to Host Series of Power Sessions at I/ITSEC

Dedicated Computing will once again host a series of 20-minute Power Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (11/27 and 11/28) during I/ITSEC 2018, the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference.

Dedicated will be showcasing solutions that meet the needs of OEMs providing the best training equipment and simulation technologies for armed forces, skilled operators, and healthcare providers.

Power Sessions include:

Cybernet Security Solutions: 

Authority-to-Operate – Navigating DoD Cybersecurity Compliance: Hear from Cybernet Systems as they discuss the methods for baking-in Cybersecurity compliance, taking your system from the design phase to Authority-to-Operate designation.


Two ground-breaking sessions from NVIDIA: “Training’ for Simulation. AI applications for MS&T” and “Ray Tracing: How to Prepare for this Game Changing Technology.”  To get a short preview of the NIVIDA/DC Ray Tracing power session, please Click Here to listen to the latest webcast.

Join DC and NVIDIA to discuss how these emerging technologies will dramatically accelerate design and simulation/training workflows.

Intel Corporation:

“VR as a Fatality Prevention Training Tool” — Hear how Intel Corp. piloted a VR fatality prevention program enabling 11,000 trainees in 11 sites all over the world.


For the full power session schedule, Click Here

What’s Secure Today, may not be Secure Tomorrow. Driving a security-first mindset for OEMs.

As an OEM, how are you ensuring that your devices are secure? Read our latest white paper for establishing a security-first protocol.

Embedded Systems & Security

Click image to download the Embedded Systems and Security white paper

In volatile embedded environments where security threats are constant, how are you ensuring a security-first mindset?

According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, supply chains were attacked every month in 2017, compared to an attack every four months in 2015. With the amount of cyber-threats constantly increasing; equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to secure their devices and systems, but don’t necessarily understand how to maintain protection for the long-term.

By embracing security implementations and proactive risk management, OEMs can prevail in many ways – protecting systems, distinguishing their services, and driving new opportunities to create long-term profit centers from security services.

Click HERE to view our white paper about the Security-First Mindset for OEMs.

Life @Dedicated — Associate Profile: Making a Difference with Kaitlin V.

Continuing our video series “Life @Dedicated” – highlighting DC associates who represent one of our seven core values (Collaborate as a team, Making a Difference, Plan the Work and Work the Plan, Step it Up, Enjoy the Journey & Stay Above the Line).

Our second featured associate is Kaitlin Volpendesta. Kaitlin is one of 200+ associates living our mission of “Powering the World’s Most Important Devices”

Kaitlin is a member of the Dedicated Computing human resources department. She is one of the most positive and hardworking associates here at Dedicated. She is a mentor and a leader that runs several Dedicated Computing programs including our internship and work study programs.

Click here to watch a short video and learn how Kaitlin continues to Make a Difference and don’t forget to subscribe to the Dedicated Computing Youtube Channel  for more great videos!


Life @Dedicated — Associate Profile: Arick Arms Enjoys the Journey

This month sparks the launch of a new video series titled “Life @Dedicated” — where we highlight DC associates who represent one of our seven core values.

Our first featured Associate is Arick Arms, who works diligently within our Quality team. For a peek behind the scenes and personal look into Arick’s life at Dedicated Computing, watch this short video.

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DC Welcomes New VP of Technology

Richard Ross brings over 25 years of experience from the aerospace and defense industry

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Richard Ross to our leadership team as Vice President of Technology and Product Development. Rich joins Dedicated Computing with over two decades of experience in senior leadership, technology innovation, and engineering positions. Rich most recently served as Vice President, Connected Aircraft Solutions at Astronautics Corporation of America, where he managed product strategy, product and project development, systems engineering, marketing, and sales.

To read the full press release, click here

Thermal Performance: Virtual Modeling Strategies Improve Success

Whether it’s medical treatment equipment, flight simulators, or systems running a nuclear power plant – each embedded application is not only an investment, but often a mission critical element in keeping larger systems performing reliably and safely. In this reality, it’s fair to say thermal management is one of the biggest obstacles for the mechanical architecture of such computer systems.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have long relied on physical simulation testing of designs to determine thermal resiliency. It’s a demanding process that must replicate complex computing environments. Engineers create prototypes based on experience and presumptions, these are subsequently tested in a thermal chamber, and a temperature profile of crucial components, such as CPU and GPU, is generated. It’s also a considerable effort, testing a great diversity of components integrated into a total systems package. Failure of any one piece can result in a complete overhaul, resulting in considerable time delays and monetary outlays for redesigning, manufacturing, and testing.

Virtual modeling is emerging as a better and smarter option – and one that provides developers with a powerful predictive tool for assessing thermal integrity. A virtual testing solution offers a data platform that can gather and analyze multiple factors, including temperature, air pressure, airflow velocity (for all X, Y and Z directions), and viscosity ratio at any location in the system. Armed with this trove of information, designers can respond to a thermal failure quickly, and make the necessary adaptations before a single part is prototyped.  OEMs can reduce development costs, accelerate time-to-market, and even consider alternative designs based on learnings from simulated performance data.

For more insight, read Dedicated Computing’s White Paper on Thermal Simulation Modeling for Improving Time-to-Market. Click HERE to connect with the team at Dedicated Computing to learn more about virtual thermal testing solutions.