Build for Life: Long-Term Outsourcing Strategies for OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of mission-critical, life-saving, life-improving devices have an innate responsibility to solve the world’s most complex computing problems.

OEMs’ decisions about product design and performance have a substantial impact on people’s lives—whether it involves diagnosing and treating cancer, sequencing human genomes, or safely training the world’s pilots. Build for Life has deep meaning on this landscape—it reflects the need for OEM computer suppliers to address the extended system lifecycles, the criticality of long-term deployments, and the profound, personal impact on end-users. 

OEMs are continuously faced with a build-versus-buy challenge in meeting these goals. At the core of their device is the software or application; however, at the hardware level, it is common to partner with leading original design manufacturers (ODMs) who embrace design longevity, accountability, and strategy. From the OEM perspective, our most recent white paper outlines four key metrics to consider when partnering with ODM suppliers of products and technology—offering a set of standards for lifecycle management, change management, and collaborative design support.

To read the complete white paper, click here.

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